Extraordinary Beings

Our resources provide you with unique inspirational content, including information from our Human Performance Lab, to use when teaching your Key Stage 3/third and fourth level students about the abilities of the human body.

Our resources in this topic link to The skeletal and muscular systems and Forces and motion, Cellular respiration and Nutrition and digestion.

  • Measuring performance looks at biomechanics and athletes’ programmes for optimum performance.
  • The moving body looks at strength and how our muscles, joints and bones work together.
  • Mind games explores the link between cognition and performance and explores behaviour.
  • Champion technology investigates forces and how technology is used to improve athletes’ performances.
  • Fuel to win is packed full of information on nutrition and the human body.


Measuring performance

Use our films from the Human Performance Lab and classroom activities to introduce your class to the analysis and measurement of human performance.

The moving body

Get your class thinking about the human body and the extent of human ability.

Mind games

Use the resources in this section to explore cognitive behaviour, scientific methodology and error in scientific experiments.

Fuel to win

Open up discussion around nutrition and digestion, discuss the importance of a balanced diet, and use our resources to teach about energy requirements, proteins and cellular respiration.