Body Matters

Body Matters will help your Key Stage 3/third and fourth level students explore the defence systems of the human body, the wider health issues human beings face, and how infection and disease spreads.

Our resources in this topic link to Genetics and evolutionThe digestive systemNutrition and digestion and Teeth.

  • Helping hands explores how microbes spread and multiply and what can practically be done to stop them.
  • Food counter looks in detail at nutrition and our digestive systems.
  • Mouth guard focuses on oral hygiene.
  • Asthma and allergies will help you teach gas exchange through asthma and the effect of allergens.


Helping hands

Get your class to test hand cleaners and grow their own bacteria to see how quickly germs spread.

Cell explorer

Try our new interactive to explore how the cell functions, learn about its key organelles and test yourself with our quiz.

Mouth guard

Resources on dental anatomy, good oral hygiene, and the effectiveness of teeth-cleaning products.

Food counter

Resources about a balanced diet and the choices we make about what we eat.

Asthma and allergies

Introduce asthma and different types of allergy. Explore the effects of allergies on the body.