Tackling World Health

Two of the world’s most infectious diseases are malaria and tuberculosis. GSK is working on creating life-saving treatments for people all over the world, regardless of where people live or their ability to pay. 

Our resources in this topic will help your Key Stage 3/third and fourth level students learn about The structural adaptations of some unicellular organismsInheritance, chromosomes, DNA and genes and Nutrition and digestion.

  • Fighting back explores genetics and evolution and the science behind the world’s most serious communicable diseases.
  • Food and famine explores the environmental impacts of our food choices and the importance of clean water.
  • New ammunition explores substances through the application of science in medicine development.


Fighting back

Our battle with the micro-organisms that cause serious, infectious diseases.

Food and famine

Using scientific understanding to re-think our current food production systems.

New ammunition

The vital work of discovering and making new medicines and vaccines.