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See topics brought to life through our great selection of films. Watch top athletes push the boundaries of the human body in our Human Performance Lab, visit the Big Bang Fair and catch a glimpse of the VIP Challenge Finals – all from your classroom.

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The Big Bang Fair 2015

Find out all about the incredible experience that was The Big Bang Fair 2015 and what attendees experienced during their time there.

GSK Germ Control Challenge 2015

GSK is inviting all students aged between 11-14 to be bold, brave and think like real scientists. We want them to team up and investigate one of the biggest global health challenges of our time – the spread of germs.


Right now, GSK is testing a new investigational vaccine against malaria. Nobody has managed to make a vaccine against a disease caused by a parasite before. It will be a scientific first, which could help us fight back against this deadly enemy.

Accelerating performance

We created the GSK Human Performance Lab (HPL) to deepen our scientific understanding of every aspect of human performance. We work with some of the world’s very best athletes and explorers. The more we learn about how their bodies and minds work, the better we can support them to break through the limits of human performance.

Measuring performance

Each athlete is different. To perform at the highest level they need individual assessments and recommendations for their training, recovery, nutrition and competition programme.

The moving body

Most machines wear out as you use them, but our bodies are different. They need to move and get used a lot every day to stay healthy and strong.

Mind games

Making the right choice in the space of a split second can make the difference between scoring a winning goal on the pitch or avoiding an accident on a mountain climb.

Champion technology

Why are there so many kinds of balls and shoes for different sports? What makes a good tennis racket strong and light?

Fuel to win

What should we eat to enjoy a long, strong and healthy life? Taking in the right mix of nutrients is important, not just in competitive sports or extreme exploration, but for everyone.

Jonathan Brownlee at the HPL

Jonathan Brownlee, from West Yorkshire in England, isn’t just good at swimming. Or running. Or cycling. As a World Champion triathlon winner, he’s an elite athlete in all three. See how measuring and analysing his performance helps Jonathan prepare for victory.

David Weir at the HPL

Professional wheelchair athlete David Weir didn’t settle for one gold medal at the 2012 Paralympics. He won four, to add to the two he won in Beijing. Here’s David being tested at the Human Performance Lab.

Angela Hannah at the HPL

"Understanding the fuel my body uses, at rest and during exertion, provides me with information I need to optimise my fuelling strategy and perform at my best."
GB Canoeing’s Angela Hannah

Pit Stop Challenge 2014

The Pit Stop Challenge was 2014’s big event! We asked 11-14 year-olds across the UK to help the McLaren Mercedes Formula 1 Team pit crew improve their pit stop performance. The quicker the team works, the faster cars are back on the race track.

Fast Forward Challenge 2013

The Fast Forward Challenge was our big competition for 2013. All the finalists had an amazing day out at the McLaren Technology Centre (MTC) but Waldegrave School for Girls in Twickenham were crowned overall 2013 winners and won £1,000 of science equipment vouchers!

The Big Bang Fair 2014

GSK Science Education spent a fantastic four days at the Big Bang Fair, held at the Birmingham NEC from 13 to 16 March 2014.

The Big Bang Fair 2013

We had an amazing four days at the Big Bang Fair in London. 60,000 attendees had the chance to try out our Formula 1 simulator and to test their skills of speed, strength and concentration at our stand.

Cell membrane

Learn about the role of the cell membrane in the animal cell.


See why the cytoplasm is key to cell functionality.


Find out how the nucleus acts as a command centre and how genes determine characteristics.


Find out why mitochondria are known as the power houses of the cell.