We believe in the magic of science and we want to share our passion for science with students and their teachers everywhere.

After all, the next generation of scientists who will discover new cutting-edge treatments, or solve some of the important global health issues we face, are today’s students.

To support Key Stage 3/third and fourth level science teachers, we’ve created a unique science education programme filled with free teaching resources to inspire students and add real-world appeal to lessons.

We’ve packed our programme with engaging, inspirational films, focused Independent learning tasks and creative Lab activities.

Core activities

Our programme is constantly evolving. We've organised our resources around three strands: Extraordinary BeingsBody Matters and Tackling World Health.

In the first of these strands, we explore the abilities of the human body. Our resources in this topic link to The skeletal and muscular systems and Forces and motion, Cellular respiration and Nutrition and digestion.

Body Matters looks at the human body's defence mechanisms and links to Genetics and evolutionThe digestive systemNutrition and digestion and Teeth 

Tackling World Health takes a look at some of the biggest diseases threatening our future and covers topics within The structural adaptations of some unicellular organismsInheritance, chromosomes, DNA and genes and Nutrition and digestion.

"This programme helps students see science as something useful in industry and business, and not just as something done in labs. It’s the interface between cutting edge science and applications of the science that is often forgotten. Formula One™ is an excellent example of this." Jack, Head of Physics, teaching 11-18 year-olds


GSK Science Education in the USA

GSK Science in the SummerTM is our inspirational education programme running in the USA. Its aim is to wow students with science by encouraging them to roll up their sleeves and start experimenting for themselves. The free classes fill up fast and are taught by certified teachers across the greater Philadelphia area. Their main goal is to engage and inspire as they teach subjects ranging from genetics to oceanography. But these are no ordinary science classes - the emphasis is on fun and getting students thinking for themselves. That's why experiments range from extracting DNA from strawberries to examining real sharks' teeth, studying coral, and growing crystals. Since the programme started 28 years ago, more than 120,000 students from the Delaware Valley have taken part in the initiative and we can't wait to work with many more!

If your school is located near to one of our USA sites email us at scienceeducation@gsk.com to request a free visit. Please note that these visits are subject to availability and are very popular so may not always be available.