Our science education programme will take you and your Key Stage 3/third and fourth level students on a journey exploring the wonders of science and its application in the real world. Explore our free resources to discover more.

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Our future scientists are in school classrooms today which is why we've developed this programme of free, curriculum-linked teaching resources for 11-14 year-olds.

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Our programme explores the human body at its performance limits, everyday health issues and how we’re tackling some of the greatest global health challenges.

Science in the news

How one good habit could stop the spread of countless diseases

Be honest, do you ever forget to wash your hands? It’s a habit we all know we should follow, yet we don’t all appreciate how crucial it can be for our health. In celebration of the upcoming Global Handwashing day (the 15th of October) we explore the science behind squeaky clean hands.


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